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We welcome you to join us for our weekly services.




Sunday Morning Services:

Faith School @ 10:00AM

Corporate Prayer @ 10:30AM

Worship Service @ 11:00AM


Bible Study

Wednesday Night @ 7PM

Listen to Second Chance Radio every Friday morning at 8:30am CT (9:30am EST) on WVTJ 610 AM & 105.3 FM in Pensacola, Florida, every Friday evening at 5pm CT (6pm EST) on WCPC 940AM & 105.7 FM in Tupelo, Ms, every Saturday afternoon at 1pm EST on WDZY 1290AM & 103.3FM and every Saturday evening at 7pm CT (8pm EST) on WASG 540AM & 106.1 FM in Mobile, Alabama and Pascagoula, Mississippi and Every Monday evening at 6pm CT (7pm EST) on KIOU 1480AM & 94.9FM in Shreveport, La.or streaming live at

Click Listen Live and scroll down to the call letters




This Week's Radio Message
Second Chance Radio message - 03.24.2023 - Bishop and Pastor
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Bishop Quintin




Pastor Ramenia

The Quintin and Ramenia Show

Watch every Monday evening at 5pm and Thursday morning at 6am on Spectrum channel 992 or streaming on 

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